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A Statement on the Effie Index

The past year has been a challenging and transformational year, testing us all as individuals, as a society and as an industry.

While some businesses thrived, many were faced with enormous challenges. Business priorities transitioned to adapting to a new way of working and navigating rapidly evolving consumer needs and behavior change. As an organization, Effie made the decision to move forward in a way that supported our industry and our global partners. We paused new awards launches, fast-tracked the digitization of our training programs to support marketers looking for new tools and resources, and allowed each of Effie's 54 regional and national awards to move forward on an individual basis and address the needs of their local markets, based on their unique circumstances.

We are proud to share that an impressive 71% of Effie Awards programs around the world continued to successfully recognize and celebrate marketing effectiveness. We've held our very first virtual galas and have found new ways to celebrate Effie-winning teams.

Effie is an effectiveness forum that celebrates work substantiated by proven results and transparent data, and the Effie Index is a product of that rigorous process. Given that not all Effie programs were in a position to move forward last year, the Effie Index was unable to represent a complete global ranking, so we have made the decision to pause and resume the Global Effie Index rankings in 2022, celebrating the work from the 2021 Effie Awards awarded in calendar year 2021. We will, as always, continue to celebrate the important achievements of marketers around the world via local rankings and success in individual markets.

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